A bottle cap can become a spinning top, a magazine into a coaster...the possibilities are endless.  

Unleash Your Creativity!

Visit the Creative Reuse Center at Stardust Phoenix for a variety of affordable reused materials for arts and crafts, DIY projects and more! What will you make with cotton balls, scrap fabric and blocks of wood? 

Not sure what to create? Don’t worry, we have ideas posted throughout the center or check out our blog or Pinterest page!  

What is Creative Reuse? 

Creative Reuse is also known as upcycling or repurposing, it is the process of taking already manufactured items and giving them a new purpose by transforming them into pieces of art, home decoration or other useful items.  

The Creative Reuse Center 

A collaboration of Stardust & Treasures 4 Teachers


Stardust Glendale

5150 W. Northern Ave. 

Glendale, AZ 85301


Monday - Saturday 

8 am - 6pm 


10 am - 4 pm

open 7 days a week

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