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If you are planning a larger remodel or renovation that goes beyond the kitchen, Stardust's decon team can save the old materials—bathrooms, doors, windows, lighting, architectural details and more. 

Stardust partners with the ReUse People of America to coordinate complete deconstruction services for building owners or their general contractors. Through their efforts 85% or more of a building can be salvaged, reused or recycled. To learn more about their services visit

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Kitchen Deconstruction 


Stardust Building Supplies Salvage

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In 2012, our Deconstruction service was awarded Valley Forward's Environmental Excellence Award. 

There are several different types of deconstruction including Kitchen Deconstruction, Selective Deconstruction and Full Deconstruction. Stardust performs Kitchen Deconstruction and Selective Deconstruction at little to no-cost by our fully insured Deconstruction crew. If you're interested in Full Deconstruction Stardust partners with The Reuse People of America. 

Remodeling your kitchen? Stardust's Deconstruction team will remove the old components of your kitchen including cabinets, countertops, plumbing fixtures and appliances. This service is provided at no-cost with a few exceptions such as a fee for tile countertop removal -- a labor-intensive and time consuming process. 

Full Deconstruction


How does it work?
Selective or "Skim" Deconstruction

If you're planning to remodel your home or business, our free deconstruction service is your green alternative to conventional demolition. Our skilled deconstruction team carefully dismantles and removes the interior and exterior of residential and commercial buildings for reuse. Donated items are tax deductible. For more information, please contact the Material Acquisition Manager at 480-269-8601. 

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Every year Stardust's Deconstruction Crew diverts more than 650 tons of usable material from our landfills.

Benefits of Deconstruction
  • Helps offset costs associated with remodeling by receiving a tax deduction for the materials removed. 
  • Conserves landfill space. On average deconstructing one kitchen diverts 2,400 lbs. of usable material from the landfill.
  • Preserves historically significant materials. 
  • Reduces the environmental impact of producing new materials by making gently-used materials available for reuse. 
  • Provides affordable quality materials to the community.